The markings that will guide my radiation treatment really were made with Sharpies!  I’ve always suspected Sharpie markers are good for everything.

The image to the left is a small bit of what is all over my chest and under arms.  The clear tape helps the marker stay on.  Glad it’s not summertime!  And that I wasn’t permanently tattooed, as some people are.

I was told to expect fatigue, tightening of the skin and muscles in the target area, and burning that can range from pinkness to open blisters.  No shaving on the left, or anything that might injure that side, as it will be prone to infection.  Only aluminium-free deoderant, like Tom’s or Crystal.  There’s also a chance of sore throat and cough since my supraclavicular lymph nodes (above the clavicle) are being treated.

Treatment will be every day for 5 weeks, with a possible boost the sixth week to the surgical site.

While I was at Emory Wednesday, Joey enjoyed school cafeteria turkey with Sara at her Thanksgiving Feast.  I was able to feast with Sam, and then I brought in a craft and game for his class “Turkey Day” on Thursday.  So grateful that I get to do that kind of stuff during my downtime!

I’ve also been fitting in as many physical therapy appointments as possible.  My range of motion is almost 100%!  Thank you, Turning Point!

The kids and I fly to Virginia Monday and Joey will join us on Thanksgiving.  Radiation starts November 26th.

Enjoy your loved ones this week.  Hug them tight!

Sara's Thanksgiving FeastSam's Thanksgiving Feast