8 Down, 0 To Go!

Yesterday, we put the kids on the bus and drove to Emory in rush-hour traffic.  I walked a few flights of stairs, but probably didn’t need to – my wbc count was 5133 (compared to 486 at its lowest)!  That, and a Neulasta shot today, should put me in good shape for surgery.

After labs, we saw Dr. O’Regan, Kate the Great and our trial coordinator.  And then spent 4 hours with our favorite chemo nurse, Diana.

Finally, after 8 IV infusions and 24 weeks of a daily chemo pill, it was my turn to ring The Bell.

Like most infusion centers, Emory has a bell that patients ring to celebrate their last treatment.  The nurses all stop what they’re doing and applaud.  I saw huge smiles from so many people who have helped us during the past few months.

It’s over in a second, but it’s symbolic and emotional.  Sweet Sara asked if we could take her out of school so she could be there, so we made her a video instead.

Many appointments coming up, but that’s for another day.


Just Another Day

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Today, I am going to pick up my new hair and shop for new boobs.  What’s on your calendar?