Fun Card Idea

We’re standing in front of a tablecloth hanging from the mantle.

This is one of my favorite card tricks (greeting, not magic).

Happy Birthday, Grammy!

If you send cards with any kind of regularity, it’s hard to come up with a heartfelt sentiment for yet another holiday.

But take a picture of your kids holding a sign like this, and all you have to do is sign your name (or theirs).

Grandparents, especially, will coo.

I’ve put similar pictures on homemade cards, store-bought cards and thank-you notes.  Recently, I submitted one to my daughter’s school yearbook for her class page.  Her classmates couldn’t wait to have their picture taken holding a piece of paper that said “Our class rocks!”

It works well for us, too, because my kids don’t like to be photographed.  But they’re usually game if they know they’re making something special for someone, or if they have a fun prop.