My Udderly Amazing Husband

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.
The night before, while we slept, someone stuck 24 cardboard cows in our yard.  I paid $75 (or $3 per cow) for the privilege.
I haven’t always done things just for fun.  But somewhere along the way I learned to appreciate silly little things.  And watching other people do the same.  It’s the grins and guffaws that I love, that indicate an openness to joy.

We gA public love noteot a lot of mileage out of these cows.  My 5-year-old son named them all.  Friends with kids drove by and snapped pictures.   Neighbors stopped by with funny comments and birthday wishes.

But my husband’s grin alone was worth it.  And walking back to the house with him from our daughter’s bus stop, holding hands.

For a herd near you, try Critter Invasion.